Headaches feel like a prison sentence without parole?

What if there’s another way?

When you know…

  • What’s really causing your headaches
  • How stress affects your entire body
  • What tools you need
  • What to do to prevent them
  • How to get access to an effective, natural, non-drug training…

Then you can…

  • Start the new year encouraged!
  • Get rid of debilitating headaches for good!
  • Wake up to a new reality
  • Make plans with friends and family
  • Spend more time time doing what you love! 

Taking Control…a Simple Process 

As Psychotherapists and Biofeedback therapists, we are experts in training you to reach your goal of headache freedom no matter if you’ve had headaches for 5, 10, or even 20 years. 


  • No one thinks it’s possible to prevent your chronic migraine or tension headaches. 
  • Unresolved stress dominates your nervous system, keeping your body in a cycle of headaches, let down, buildup of stress, headaches.

  • Medicine does not have a silver bullet. It does have negative side effects.

The Headache Free Formula

  • Be headache free in the shortest amount of time.
  • Based on science and backed by experience
  • Changing behavior is superior to medication.
  • Experienced in a group, individualized for you

The promise…if you have chronic headaches more than once a month, you can prevent them no matter what you’ve tried, no matter how severe, no matter how long you’ve had them, no matter what kind!

"In February, before I started the class I had 20 migraines. I started the class on May 13. So, we were into May and bottom line, in May, I had 20 migraine attacks. In June, I had three. I thought that was amazing. In July, I had one. August I had one. And September, so far I had one." "16 years later I’ve been able to keep my migraines under control since then. I am so thankful for that.”
Deborah Mathews
"I had, basically what's called chronic daily headaches for about the last 12 years.I didn't know what they were. It just seemed like they came from nowhere. . I would try all kinds of things to get rid of them, but nothing ever worked. I had a very, very good experience with the program. It was like read along with the program and try the techniques on myself and see if they worked. After I tried everything else, I figured what the heck? I can give this a try. I started seeing results right away. After the course 
I've been telling anybody that wants to hear it how I got rid of my headaches."
Tom Hunt
"I had them for 36 years About four or five years ago, they tripled. At the end of the class, I had gone 31 days without a headache,  I went to the headache doctor, she looked at my little chart and said, "Oh well, I don't think you need to come back for six months." I looked at her and said, "What? Six months? What?" I used to go every three months and that was wonderful to hear."
Colleen Watkins


Every Monday there will be a new lesson you can do them at you own pace. You have complete access to review any lesson as often as you like. There is material to read and video tutorials to watch.


November 7th
Start the Healing
You journey has begun.

November 14th
Unwinding Tense Muscles
Monitoring progress to remove guesswork.

November 21st
Reversing MyoFacial Shortening
Use the secret of reversing the negative effects of the MyoFascial Syndrome

November 28th
Tune into Your Body
Harnessing the power of awareness.
Change your habits…change your life.

December 5th
Whole Body Relaxation
Calming the body with the relaxation response.
Reset your body to the Safe Zone

December 12th
Goodbye Migraine Triggers
Discover the cause, eliminate your migraine and tension headache triggers

December 19th
Fix Posture.. Fix Headaches
Remove postural pressure on your your system that create the conditions for headaches to occur

December 26th
Lifestyle Buffers
Managing life’s ups and downs. Have confidence in your ability to de-stress, honor your needs, feel worthy of saying yes to yourselfl! Become your own advocate in achieving headache freedom. 


Live Coaching Calls 
Thursdays at 12 pm PT. 

 Enhance what you are learning and get your questions answered.  We guide you through the training as we go through this journey step by step. Calls will be recorded and available through your training portal


Ongoing support through coaching, videos and written content we will keep you on track to insure your success. 


We will create a safe and supportive community where you and your peers share wins, pitfalls, and kindly hold each other accountable on the journey to headache freedom.


Download PDF class lessons and transcripts of videos. 

Access content in various ways, videos, audio, PDF’s and transcripts to make it easier to digest when you have a headache or if you have problems focusing.


This is a hands on training. Practicing together, we want to ensure everyone gets the best from us. Participants are limited to be sure that we can ensure your needs are met.

No other trainings scheduled at this time.
Don’t hesitate too long to secure your place.

The Formula  and bonuses are only available until Tuesday, November 1st.

If after all the work you’re putting into implementing the techniques and attending coaching calls you feel the Headache Free Formula is not not for you, contact us within 14 days by email and we will refund you 100% – no questions asked, no hassles or hard feelings!

Get  3 Amazing Bonuses = $981 Value!

Biofeedback Unit

Professional Biofeedback Unit
A sophisticated, objective tool for
re-educating your muscles.

$497 Value


Valuable self-test 
Measure limitations in the muscles
of your face, head and shoulders 

$197 Value


Training to Evaluate and  
Muscle Tension levels.
Evaluate tension…train your muscles.

$297 Value



What’s the proof it works?
 Biofeedback is objective monitoring, you either have muscle tension or you don’t. Every person with chronic headaches has abnormal tension in their muscles.

After the evaluation, you’ll know you have this tension in the first week. We will be there to cheer you on!

Do these results happen for every person?Unfortunately, no…well at least, not always on the same timeline.

 Will it work for you?
Well… that really depends on you.

 The reality is that not everyone is willing to make the commitment to their health and actually implement this process.

 People who don’t do the work don’t see the improvement.

 All I know is that my clients who follow the process and dedicate themselves to getting better are the ones who see fantastic results.  These exact same results, actually.  Time after time.

Where they go from daily, or near daily, migraines to months between one.


I don’t have enough time.
Just by practicing only 30 to 45 minutes a day you can achieve results. 

Why haven’t I  heard of anything like this before?
Insurance does not to pay for Biofeedback therapy for headaches, so access to this amazing method is virtually unavailable.


It’s too expensive.
What will it cost to wait…having a life on hold…experiencing negative side effects…with no end in sight. Imagine a future where this knowledge belongs to you!

Should I check with my doctor?
This training is for chronic benign headaches that have been determined by a physician to not be caused by an underlying pathological condition.

Ready to Get Rid of Your Headaches?
We’ve Got Your Back…

Headache Free Formula
Online Training if purchases separately…

8  Content Formula Lessons  
$1600 value
Worksheets and Exercise PDF’s
$97 value
Live  Coaching Calls
$1600 value

Professional Biofeedback Equipment
Biofeedback  Training and Evaluation
Evaluation of MyoFacial Syndrome
$991 value

Currently there is nothing
like this training available anywhere for any price


Registration for the Headache Free Formula
closes on January 15th! 

Don’t wait to join. 
Click the button below, select your payment plan and you’re in!



Eight Modules

Eight Coaching and Q&A Calls

Video Teachings

PDF Class Transcripts

Downloadable Recordings

PLUS Awesome Bonuses Value – $991

14 Day Risk Free Purchase
100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked



Eight Modules

Eight Coaching and Q&A Calls

Video Teachings

PDF Class Transcripts

Downloadable Recordings

PLUS Awesome Bonuses Value – $991

14 Day Risk Free Purchase
100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked

The Headache Free Formula Training is educational in nature and uses a behavioral approach to headache reduction and elimination. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Should you have any specific medical concerns, seek advice from your physician. © WorldWorks Unlimited.

Risk Free Seal
 The Headache Free Formula comes with a No Risk Guarantee

We’ve spent years researching and developing the Headache Free Formula and it’s important for you to understand what is required to get results. We are proud of this training..it is the most comprehensive version to date. You will find it refreshing, enlightening but most of all effective in finally gaining control of your headaches. It’s a non-invasive, natural, non-drug training where you’ll learn the most advanced techniques for preventing chronic headaches. 

1) This training is a behavioral approach to dealing with chronic headaches. That means that your active participation is required. You wouldn’t be here if just taking a pill or getting a massage worked for you. You need to actively make a choice to take the time to go through the entire training. 

2) We also want to discourage any ideas that this is ‘quick fix’ for getting rid of your headaches. If you decide to take this on you will have to commit yourself to daily practice for a minimum of 2 months. You will see progress within a few weeks, but to really alter your headache frequency it will take time. Remember your headaches have been around for a long time. 

3) If you’re serious about headache relief and prevention we  invite you to join us. We know this training works, and know you will see results. You see it’s not a matter of whether it’s right for your “headache type”, because the principles works for both tension and migraine headaches.

If after all the work your putting into implementing the techniques and attending coaching calls you feel the Headache Free Formula is not not for you, contact us within 14 days by email and we will refund you 100% – no questions asked, no hassles or hard feelings!