Triggers Don’t Cause Headaches

Meds don’t prevent them!

Your chronic migraine and tension headaches are a symptom of an overlooked, even ignored, problem: an out of control stress reaction creating abnormal tension in muscles of the head, face and shoulders.

Then habits continue to shorten muscles until they can’t relax easily. This abnormal muscle tension makes you more vulnerable to all other triggers.

There are no painkillers or any other medications available that have any affect on chronically tense muscles.

Our Headache Free Formula reverses muscular and nervous system changes to return your body to normal and prevent severe, frequent headaches permanently

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Early in our professional training, decades ago, we found a mentor actively involved with the research community studying unique solutions for pain and headache relief. Working closely with him provided the foundation for our own work. During that time, we worked with physicians who sent us their most difficult headache cases. People with severe migraine and/or tension headaches who did not respond to any treatment they were prescribed. With our dramatic success with these headache sufferers, we have continued to refine our Headache Free Formula.

Armed with this innovative, breakthrough technology, we are committed to making this available to people who need it most…you the headache sufferer. We are consolidating all our knowledge, experience and great results we obtained working years of in-person training to eliminate headaches.

We want to make sure anyone who wants to learn this powerful, life changing process will have access.

We are a team, Tom Cobb MA, MFT and Phyllis Grannis MA, MFT and look forward to sharing this little known effective knowledge.