Triggers Don’t Cause Headaches

Meds don’t prevent them!

End your search for new medication

What if headaches aren’t a medical problem?

Discover the real cause of your headaches

Begin planning for a pain free future



We are a team, Tom Cobb MA, MFT and Phyllis Grannis MA, MFT and look forward to sharing this little known knowledge.
Early in our careers we learned the science behind the cause of chronic migraine and tension headaches from pioneer in biofeedback who developed a protocol for monitoring muscles causing chronic headaches. Armed with this innovative, breakthrough technology, we became experts in training headache suffers to first eliminate and then prevent future headaches. This training does not involve medication. The real secret is removing the CAUSE of your headaches.
You are probably a lot like our chronic headache clients, you just want to completely get rid of your headache pain and be in control of your life. When you know how to make the right changes you will get different results. 
So, instead of getting a headache…you don’t!