Don't Suffer with Headaches any Longer...

Is this familiar?

You have a family history of migraine or tension headaches and developed them as a teenager or young adult after a trauma or period of stress.

You try OTC (over the counter) medications and/or go to the doctor.

The diagnosis is migraines and/or tension headaches.

Medication is prescribed.

‘Life happens’ and you notice your headaches are more severe and occur more often.

Recognize this Cycle?

Usually headaches start as occasional or infrequent and become more frequent and severe over time. This progression is very upsetting to the anyone who has headaches as is the fact that they can’t seem to get relief no matter what they try.

Like many people with chronic headaches you find yourself on a perpetual hunt for ways to get rid of them. And, if you are a professional creative or have a stressful job you love…how many productive days do you loose each month? You are not alone.

Why do headaches start happening more often?

Headaches should not occur more than once a month. If they are more frequent than that, there is an underlying cause that should be addressed – a cause that you and your doctors may be overlooking or minimizing. And until you address this cause, your headaches will continue or even get worse.

So, are You the Solution?

In over 20 years in practice, we found not all people with muscle tension have headaches however, everyone who has migraine or tension headaches does. Using biofeedback we have a unique test that shows if you are have this tension. No more guessing! Medication doesn’t affect this kind of tension and relief from other modalities is often temporary.

Here’s the promise of our work…if you have headaches more than once a month, you can learn how to heal yourself from chronic headaches no matter what you’ve tried, no matter how long you’ve had them, no matter how severe, no matter if they are migraine, tension, mixed, TMJ, or you’re not sure!

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