Episode #002

Here’s this episode at a glance…

[01:37] The story of the Blind Men and the Elephant illustrates the problem.

[03:02] Anne’s story illustrates feelings of hopelessness experienced when your doctor says everything is fine when you are still experiencing debilitating headaches.

[04:46] Relief and prevention don’t seem to be available options.

[05:29] When you experience relief from making a change of from a new treatment, why doesn’t the relief persist?

[06:36] Really, migraine and headache sufferers experience many more symptoms than just head pain.

[07:18] There is a lot of overlap between the diagnoses of chronic migraines, tension headaches, mixed migraine and tension headaches, and cervicogenic headaches.

[07:50] So you get a diagnosis, what then? Being able to visualize and quantify exactly what your body is doing is a game changer.

[08:28] Our instruments demonstrate a common element among all these types of head pain, though migraines have another element as well.

[10:39] What does it mean when your doctor tells you everything is fine but you still have migraines and headaches?

[11:12] It is very common for migraine and headache sufferers to be unaware that this is happening.

[12:12] Objective measurement of this important phenomenon wins over skeptics.

[12:48] Is this really cause of chronic migraines and tension headaches?

[14:22] Clearly chronic migraine and headache phenomena is produced by more than an activating day.

[15:17] A complex chain of events started in the past and still happening.
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