Shift Control of Headache Management

If you are like most of the typical chronic headache sufferers we know, you have endured countless trials of medication, been fitted with numerous and costly splints, been told its ‘psychological’ or ‘all in your head’ (no pun intended!), tried chiropractic, massage and acupuncture and may have been through radical treatments like sinus and TMJ surgery.

When you are at the mercy of doctors, expensive tests, emergency room visits, medicine to manage you headache you have little personal power in the situation and can easily feel like a victim.

What do all of these approached have in common? The “treatment” or “benefit” you might get, only results from something being TAKEN by you (a drug or herb) or something being DONE to you (massage and chiropractic).

Now, we aren’t saying that some treatment modalities aren’t helpful and for some people they may actually work on relieving headaches. But, if they don’t you can be sure it’s because the underlying causes that trigger your chronic headaches are not being addressed. These other modalities are then only marginally effective.

It is like putting a band-aid on a gaping wound hoping it will take care of the injury, when clearly something else is needed.

Anything that you are able to control entirely by your own effort is empowering. When you have confidence and certainty that you know what to do and can get the results you want you will be free from the chronic headaches that have dominated your life.

When you discover what unconscious behaviors you have that trigger headaches and change those behaviors, you will change your headache pattern. Ultimately, you will be able to prevent your headaches.

Our approach to headache management is about training YOU to do for yourself what all those outside agents try to do but often fail.

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